Katharine Henry

I am an NSF graduate research fellow, finishing my PhD in the computer science department at Johns Hopkins University with my advisor Suchi Saria. My research primarily focuses on how machine learning can be used to improve healthcare. through applications like developing acute deterioration monitoring tools and using causal inference to estimate treatment effects in retrospective electronic health record data. I am also interested in understanding how to translate these tools into clinical practice and provide real clinical value. In addition to the department of computer science, I am part of the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare, the Institute for Computational Medicine, and the Center for Language and Speech Processing. Outside of academia, I spent summer 2014 interning with the Siri team at Apple and learned how to make Siri like me.

Prior to joining Hopkins, I studied computer science and linguistics at the University of Chicago and worked as a research assistant with Joseph Keshet and Karen Livescu at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. I participated in the 2012 CLSP summer workshop on the Domain Adaptation in the Statistical Machine Translation team.

Bien que mes recherches ne se concentrent plus sur le traitement automatique du langage naturel, je suis toujours passionnée par les langues. 由于语音和心率都是时间序列,我希望运用时间序列分析和语音识别的方法来提高医学研究。 Baina oro har, niri atzerritar hizkuntzak gustatzen zaizkit. 나에게 외국어 공부를 하는 것은 평생을 추구하는 것 이다. 외국어를 말하는 기회를 항상 노린다. Außerdem, Fremdsprachen zu studieren ist eine gute Entschuldigung um zu reisen.